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HUBU Held the 2020 Commencement Ceremony

July 3, 2020


HUBU’s 2020 commencement ceremony took place at the assembly hall on June 23. The HUBU leadership, leaders from relative departments and schools, and representatives of the 2020 graduates attended the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Hou Yong, deputy Party secretary of Hubei University.  




President Xie Hongxing deliverded a speech to the graduates. From January 13 to June 15, Hubei University and the students were separated for more than 150 days. The return of you all has revitalized the HUBU campusand Hubei University will always be home to you, he addressed the graduates.



In the fight against the COVID-19, HUBUers have played their own roles in epidemic prevention and control. Many students devoted themselves in all kinds of volunteer work. President Xie Hongxing said that Hubei University cares for every single student during the epidemic, and has prepared a long list of graduation gifts to them all. He expressed best wishes to all the graduate students at the end of the speech.




This year, a total of 43 Ph.D. students, 1,597 postgraduate students, and 4,653 undergraduates have successfully obtained their degree. More than 200 representatives of the 6293 graduates came back to school for the Commencement Ceremony. And the vast majority attended the "Cloud Ceremony" by watching the webcast.