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DCABES 2019 Held at HUBU

November 22, 2019




On November 9, DCABES 2019 (18th Distributed Computing and Application for Business Engineering and Science Conference) - Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence Application Conference were held at Hubei University. The symposium was jointly sponsored by Wuhan Intelligent Computing and Communication and Control Association and Hubei University. Present were professors from the US, Wuhan University of Technology and Jiangnan University.



Wang Shimin, vice president of Hubei University, delivered a welcome speech and wished the symposium a great success.



Professor Craig C. Douglas from School of Mathematics and Statistics and School of Energy, University of Wyoming, gave a talk entitled A Support Vector Machine Model at the conference.



Wang Shimin awarded appointment letter of visiting professor to Professor Craig C. Douglas.



Professor Xiao Hailin, gave a talk entitled Research and Application of Smart City and Key Technologies of Internet of Things.


Distributed computing and its application play an important role in many fields, such as artificial intelligence, big data processing and e-commerce, engineering design, scientific computing and industrial manufacturing. The two-day conference attracted experts and scholars from home and abroad.