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HUBUers Perform on the Opening Ceremoney of the 7th Military World Games

October 21, 2019



The opening ceremony of the 7th World Military Games was held on October 18 at Wuhan Gymnasium. With the slogan "forging military glory, building a peaceful world", the games showcase the Chinese military's shared friendship and aspiration for world peace with foreign militaries.



Hubei University beside the Shahu Lake Bridge on CCTV Live Broadcast


HUBU faces appeared in both warm-up and opening ceremony performances, which was the only honor among all universities in Wuhan. The dragon and lion dance troupe participated in warm-up performances, and 99 HUBU students performed in the dancing program “the Belt and Road”, which was co-performed by sturdents from three universities all together.







HUBU faculty and students were all excited and gathered together to witness the grand ceremony taking place at home. International students from 20 countries namely France, Brazil, Ukraine and Poland etc. gave a big round of applause when athletes of their own countries appeared on stage.




Early from 2017, HUBU volunteers started to prepare for the Wuhan World Military Games. They served as translation expert, etiquette instructor, bilingual broadcaster and performers etc.


Cai Lei, associate professor from School of Foreign Languages  

 Deputy Head of Expert Review Team, Translation and Interpretation Center


Zhanjing, deputy Party secretary of School of Foreign Languages

Etiquette instructor


Chen Tianyi, faculty from School of Journalism and Communication

 Bilingual broadcaster of the swimming games


Mei Linqi, Chief Coach of HUBU’s dragon and lion dance troupe